Meditation and permutation upon “mammal,” “Macklemore,” and “bus terminal”

  1. “Hello mammal, it’s me, Macklemore”
  2. “Hello Macklemore, it’s me, mammal”
  3. “Hello bus terminal, it’s me, Macklemore”
  4. “Hello mammal, it’s me, bus terminal”
  5. “Hello Macklemore, it’s me, bus terminal”
  6. “Hello bus terminal, it’s me, mammal”
  7. “Hello Macklemore, it’s me, Buster Minal”
  8. “Hello bus terminal, it’s me, busty mammal”
  9. “Hello Macklemore, it’s me, Mordor”
  10. “Hello mackerel door, it’s me, a busted thermal”
  11. “Hello memory, it’s me, bus terminal”
  12. “Hello Mr. Animal, it’s me, blustering ermine”
  13. “Hello melted floor, it’s me, Bernie Sanders”
  14. “Hello homeomorphism, it’s me, metrosexual”
  15. “Hello Macron, it’s me, bus terminal”

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