Apoptosis Premiere

The Iron Giant Percussion ensemble will be premiering my composition Apoptosis at the Hoover Public Library on Thursday, April 28 at 7:30 as a part of a concert of new percussion music organized by the Birmingham Art Music Alliance. Admission is free!

Iron Giant Percussion

In daily life, billions of cells in the human body die in a highly-regulated, pre-programmed process called apoptosis. Apoptosis, for melodica, bongos, vibraphone, and toy piano, covers, over four movements, four steps in the process of cell death, with the sounds of each section inspired by the rhythm of the words that title the movement. The piece is characterized by the tight, decentralized control of the musicians on stage: In each of the four movements, a different one of the four performers takes on the role of conductor, giving audio signals to drive the music forward. The entire performance is improvised from small “fragments” of music, designed to create a certain atmosphere, but the structure of the content is completely at the discretion of the performers and conductor. These counterbalanced elements of control and decentralization, randomness and order, mark daily processes of life and the structure of Apoptosis.

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